Monday, June 7, 2010

The Happiness of Serving

TomatoesLast week we took a trip from our home in Grand Junction, Colorado to visit our daughters in Olathe, Kansas. Long drive (13-14 hours), short visit (about 3 days). But it was good to see my girls.

Of course when you go on a trip you always have to leave behind some things that need tending to. This time we didn’t have to ask someone to watch the dog since he got to go with us (he actually travels pretty well). But I did need to ask someone to watch over my garden and lawn. A couple weeks ago I told about my attempt at vegetable gardening this year.

In this part of Colorado (the Grand Valley on the Western slope) it can get very hot and dry. It’s high desert here. But the good news is that the Colorado River runs right through the valley and we have plenty of irrigation water. So lawns can stay green and gardens can continue to grow if we take the time to water them.

If I had just left on my trip for 5 days without asking someone to water the garden, I probably would have come back to an arid and shriveled up plot of useless soil. But contrary to my character (my wife says I am king of the procrastinators) I planned ahead. One of my gracious church members agreed to come over three times while I was gone to water my precious garden and lawn. I knew I could trust him, he is a man of integrity.

RadishesSo while I was away I did not worry about my garden. It was in good hands. I enjoyed the visit without having to be concerned with things at home. I tried to compensate my friend for his time, but he just said he was glad to be able to serve.

Now look at my garden. The corn is about 10 inches tall; the tomatoes look great; the squash and cucumbers are coming up well; I am a happy gardener.

Jesus told a story about a man going on a trip. He called in his servants and entrusted his property to them. And he expected that they would be good stewards of their master’s money. After a long time the man returned and settled accounts with his servants. Some did better than others. But to each who trusted their master and served him well the master said, “Well done, good and faithful servant … come and share your master’s happiness.” (Matt. 25:21).

SquashI was so happy to have a friend that served well for me while I was on my trip. And Jesus is happy when we serve well also. Here is a surprising thing that I learned from my friend: there is a great happiness in serving, both now and when the task is done.

We don’t have to wait ‘til heaven to enjoy the happiness of the Lord. There is happiness in serving—right here, right now.

What service has Jesus left to you today?

How have you found happiness in serving the Lord?


  1. I tell everyone that the key to serving God is figuring out what you like to do and do that for God. As you go and grow, God is liable to lead you in more areas of serving. Ones that you might not have ever dreamed you were capable of.

    Our lives were meant for serving and worshiping our God. Only when you answer his call, will you find true happiness.

  2. Kevin's note above reminds me of something that my old pastor used to say (and possibly still
    does): "That everything you need to accomplish what God wants you to accomplish is already in you".

    I always used to be a "but I can't do that or I don't know how to do that" character but now I just try to rest, grow and serve!

  3. Kevin, you are so right. Serving God is all about being who He re-made you to be. Those who are not serving are missing one of the greatest joys of the Christian life.
    Besides, one thing I have found is that when I work with God, I get to know Him. Just like it was with my dad and me. My best times of getting to know my dad were when we worked together at his tire store or on a project together on our little farm. Serving with God brings me closer to God. --Richard

  4. Stuart, There is nothing like the happiness of knowing God and serving Him. You are right, it doesn't matter how much ability you have been given, God expects you to serve with Him. In the parable some were given more than others. But all the servants who trusted their master and served with what they had been given were rewarded. --Richard


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