Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some Things Worth Checking Out

On Saturday this week I thought I would share some things I have read this week that caught my eye, my ear, or my heart. Maybe they will yours also.
  1. Kevin Weatherby, my cowboy pastor friend, posted a Letter from Jesus, a Letter from the Holy Spirit, and a Letter from God. Kevin’s warm conversational style captures God’s love and sends it home to us. These might be especially useful to give to someone you know who has yet to come to trust in Jesus.
  2. Larry Westfall posted a heart-touching video about the Gainesville State School football team and how the coach from a Christian high school asked parents and fans to cheer for this other team-- Are You Willing To Cheer For The Other Team?
  3. Ron Edmundson wrote an insightful post that might help you understand your pastor a little better: 10 Things You May Not Know About Senior Pastors.
  4. Two ladies each wrote about allowing the Holy Spirit to control our thought life. Both helped me to re-examine how I think and react. Lara shares her experience in Thinking on Purpose. And Janis shares a similar episode in Tell Yourself the Truth.
  5. I could so relate to what Brian Croft wrote in his post, What is a healthy way for a pastor’s wife to relate to her husband? Kathy has always been my greatest supporter in the ministry and also my most helpful critic. Croft says A pastor’s wife should always be…Supportive, but unimpressed.
  6. In honor of my sci-fi nerd son, I share Randy Alcorn’s take on “Will there be sci-fi super nerds in Heaven? And will we all get together and build the Enterprise?” Of course my wife says I am also a sci-fi nerd, that’s where my son gets it from. Anyway, read it at Sci-fi Nerds and Heaven.
I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

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